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This ice cream incident should attract everyone’s attention.

   “When the granaries are full, the people follow appropriate rules of conduct, and when there is enough to eat and wear, the people know honor and shame.” 

   From Sima Qian said in “Records of the Grand Historian: Biographies of the Merchandise Colony” 

     What touched the nerves of the public was differential discrimination. China’s rapid development in the past 30 years has changed from poverty and backwardness, to solving the basic food and clothing problems of the whole people, and is now moving towards revival. Regardless of whether it is domestic or foreign, differential discrimination should have long been thrown into the garbage dump of history.

     BMW is a very well-known brand in China. BMW is a very good company. The quality of BMW cars is very good. I believe that this time BMW did not do it on purpose, and this is not in line with the values of global companies.

      This ice cream incident should attract everyone’s attention.

   1. China is now on the verge of revival, you cannot turn a blind eye or deny it.

   2. The media, the power of public opinion is stronger than ever before, and the corporate public relations department should have a complete emergency plan for public opinion, especially for large enterprises.

   3. Our country needs a good business environment, and Chinese companies are also going global. Global values need to be inclusive. Some self-media should not blindly drive traffic, have no bottom line, and distort the integrity.


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