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Advanced Analog Sensing Made Simple

Microchip  equipped the AVR EA family of microcontrollers (MCUs) with high-speed integrated analog, hardware-based Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) and low-power performance for efficient real-time control, sensor node and secondary safety monitoring applications.

For design flexibility and to optimize your board layout, we offer this family of 16 KB to 64 KB Flash devices in SPDIP, SSOP, TQFP and VQFN packages ranging from 28 to 48 pins. These AVR EA MCUs are well suited for a wide range of industrial, consumer, appliance, automotive, sensor node and other applications. The AVR EA family of MCUs is a great option for closed-loop control system designs and secondary monitoring devices for safety reasons.

Enabling Reliable Sensor Interfaces in Harsh Environments , Order Here

Designers of reliable sensor end node applications require an MCU that can quickly and accurately measure and convert signals in harsh environments while also using power efficiently. Featuring a 12-bit differential Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) with up to 16x gain, the AVR EA family enables measurement of smaller amplitude signals, reclaims signals from noisy environments and performs fast conversion of the signals.

The accurate and temperature-stable internal 20 MHz RC oscillator, Configurable Custom Logic (CCL), event system and CIPs significantly reduce the need for external components. If a higher-accuracy oscillator is required, the AVR EA family also features an External High Frequency Oscillator (XOSCHF) with Clock Failure Detection (CFD).

Key Attributes

  • Up to 64 KB Flash with true Read-While-Write (RWW) operation
  • Internal 20 MHz oscillator
  • External High Frequency Crystal Oscillator (XOSCHF) with Clock Failure Detection (CFD)
  • 375 ksps 12-bit differential and single-ended Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) supporting up to 16x gain
  • 10-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Two analog comparators with window compare functions and scalable reference input
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) scan
  • Six 16-bit timer/counters
  • 16-bit Real Time Clock (RTC) and Periodic Interrupt Timer (PIT)
  • Configurable Custom Logic (CCL) peripheral
  • Six-channel peripheral event system
  • Configurable, internally generated reference voltage
  • Three USARTs, one SPI, one dual-mode TWI

The AVR64EA48 is a microcontroller

in the AVR® EA family featuring the AVR®  CPU with hardware multiplier, running at up to 20 MHz and with 64 KB Flash with dedicated Read-While-Write (RWW) section, 6 KB SRAM and 512B of EEPROM available in 48-pin VQFN and TQFP packages. The family uses the latest Core Independent Peripherals with low-power features including Event System, intelligent analog and advanced peripherals.

The new 12-bit ADC offers true differential measuring capabilities with optional hardware accumulation of up to 1024 samples, which effectively gives up to 17-bits resolution. With sampling rates up to 375 ksps the analog data is available very rapidly. The Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) for the ADC can amplify single-ended and differential analog inputs to make it possible to measure even small amplitude signals efficiently.

Functional Safety

This product is recommended for safety-critical applications targeting industrial and automotive products (IEC 61508 and ISO 26262). Necessary documentation, such as the FMEDA report and a Safety Manual, can be provided on request. Certified development tools are also available for this product. Contact your local Microchip sales office or your distributor for more information.

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