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600V-800V N-Channel Automotive MOSFET

CoolMOS™ automotive superjunction MOSFETs address the needs of electric-vehicle applications such as on-board chargers, HV-LV DC-DC converters, auxiliary power supplies, insulation monitoring, HV eFuse, and HV eDisconnect. With a zero-defect philosophy, our market-leading products exceed AEC-Q101 automotive quality standards and balance high performance at attractive costs combined with high delivery reliability.
Through our product line-up, we have brought innovative concepts into life that support new ways of system optimization and help engineers all over the world to succeed in their designs.

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600V CoolMOS™ S7A – Perfect fit for slow-switching applications like HV eFuse, HV eDisconnect and on-board chargers

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650V CoolMOS™ CFD7A – Infineon’s latest product family with integrated fast body diode, is the perfect fit for both hard- and resonant-switching topologies, on-board chargers, HV-LV DC-DC converters, auxiliary power supplies.

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High-voltage superjunction MOSFETs for automotive applications

Infineon’s 600V CoolMOS™ power MOSFET CPA portfolio and the broad 650V CoolMOS™ power MOSFET CFDA portfolio provide all benefits of a fast switching superjunction MOSFET. The families fulfill the enhanced reliability requirements of automotive applications, realized with special screening measures in front- and back-end, and are qualification compliant to AEC-Q101.  

With its integrated fast body diode, 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA additionally caters to special application needs. This fast body diode is the key for addressing resonant-switching topologies resulting in lower-switching losses due to the low gate charge. The softer commutation behavior and consequent reduced EMI appearance gives the 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA series a clear advantage in comparison to competitor parts. Furthermore, limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation of the body diode enables easier implementation of layout and design.

The combination of both 600V CoolMOS™ CPA and 650V CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET CFDA technologies is the best choice for switching topologies in automotive applications.

To meet the increasing requirements of higher system voltages in automotive auxiliary supplies, the 800V CoolMOS™ C3A is the perfect fit.








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