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Power conversion with higher energy efficiency and power density

The multiphase power supply function mainly includes power levels and controllers. TI solves the difficulties of multiphase power supply design by providing optimized and adaptive intelligent power levels and high-performance controllers.

Firstly, for highly integrated Smart Power Stage products, the current detection function, driver, and MOSFET have been uniformly packaged to provide higher current detection accuracy and eliminate passive components. For example, TI’s NexFETTM power level CSD95485, which supports Intel VR12. x and VR13. x desktops and servers, has been highly optimized for use in high-power and high-density synchronous buck converters. Integrated driver integrated circuits and power MOSFETs to improve power level switching functions. In addition, temperature sensing function is integrated to simplify system design and improve accuracy.

For the controller, TPS53688 is compatible with VR13.HC SVID, a dual channel driverless polyphase (up to 8 phases) synchronous buck controller. With advanced control features (such as the D-CAP+Tm architecture with overlapping pulses), it supports downstroke attenuation (USR) and overshoot attenuation (OSR), providing fast transient response, minimum output capacitance, and high efficiency. This device also supports single-phase operation under CCM and DCM operating conditions, thereby improving efficiency under light load conditions.

When used in conjunction with the NexFET power stage, this overall solution can provide ultra-high speed and low switching losses. Due to the adoption of digital solutions and PMBUS support for multiphase power supply products, modifications and adjustments can be made through GUI graphical interfaces, making it more flexible in design and debugging compared to analog solutions.

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